How can you exploit data science for reaching your business goals?

We live in a world that is driven by data

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Thoughts and Theory, New York, Paris, Milano, London

The case of the Big Four Fashion Weeks

Photo by Armen Aydinyan on Unsplash

Get ready to Safari Njema — a “nice trip” in Swahili

A data science multi-disciplinary project to study and reduce “transport poverty” in Sub-Saharan countries

Origin-destination matrices in greater Maputo, Mozambique. [Image by the authors, Safari Njema]

Learn how to leverage data

An interactive, cross-domain educational experience

A Data-driven Innovation Experience. [Photo by the author]

Twitter and news sources played a role in the pre-pandemic world

Do you remember the old days of anti-vaccination debates? Will it affect today's attitude? Data can expose it all

Photo by Mehmet Turgut Kirkgoz on Unsplash

A story of romance, hunger, crime, wilderness, and fear between Italy and Switzerland

The border between Italy and Switzerland. Photo by Eryka on Unsplash

How equal opportunities are reaching into a strictly male business like Formula One car racing.

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A foresight exercise on future scenarios may help understanding what’s coming after the COVID-19 crisis

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A Data-centric Smart City Concept

Photo by William Daigneault on Unsplash

Digital twins is about connecting and reflecting physical and digital worlds.

Digital Twin in the COVID-19 era


Marco Brambilla

Data science, social and media analysis. Data, software and models all around.

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