The public perception of the conference on climate change

Real-time analysis of Twitter content about the role of Europe and other international players

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Social media data offers a rich source for analysing the views of individuals on ongoing (political) processes.

What are the concerns of twitter users about climate change?

How concerns and interests change in the context of large-scale public events, like COP 26 in Glasgow?

More specifically, we are interested in…

How can you exploit data science for reaching your business goals?

We live in a world that is driven by data

Photo by Franki Chamaki on Unsplash

The fact that we live in a world driven by data becomes clear when suddenly systems are being disrupted. We need ways to use and benefit from the data we produce and collect, and at the same time, we need to be resilient to problems that may arise from their…

Thoughts and Theory, New York, Paris, Milano, London

The case of the Big Four Fashion Weeks

Photo by Armen Aydinyan on Unsplash

Social media is dominating day-to-day people’s life. In our life, it has taken the role of both a source of information and a place where to share personal experiences and opinions.

In particular, it has demonstrated huge potential in communication, interactions, and community building during large-scale events, such as the…

Get ready to Safari Njema — a “nice trip” in Swahili

A data science multi-disciplinary project to study and reduce “transport poverty” in Sub-Saharan countries

Origin-destination matrices in greater Maputo, Mozambique. [Image by the authors, Safari Njema]

In many developing countries, basic services and activities including transportation, food provisioning, and private mobility solutions cannot be taken for granted. In many regions of the world, transportation services are not provided on an organized and structured basis. This means that you cannot expect buses or trains to run according…

Learn how to leverage data

An interactive, cross-domain educational experience

A Data-driven Innovation Experience. [Photo by the author]

In a two-day workshop held in Amsterdam, Politecnico di Milano and EIT Digital brought to the field a live, interactive experience to let domain experts and managers perceive the value and grow their understanding and capability of exploiting the business value of data.

This is also linked with additional online…

Twitter and news sources played a role in the pre-pandemic world

Do you remember the old days of anti-vaccination debates? Will it affect today's attitude? Data can expose it all

Photo by Mehmet Turgut Kirkgoz on Unsplash

Discussion over the role and need of vaccines has never been so strong. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed dramatically the visibility of this issue in the everyday life of the layman.

However, vaccination has been a controversial topic in recent years. The growth of anti-vaccination movements has been recorded for…

A story of romance, hunger, crime, wilderness, and fear between Italy and Switzerland

The border between Italy and Switzerland. Photo by Eryka on Unsplash

This is a piece of history that involved entire generations, throughout the regions of Europe along the border between Italy and Switzerland. It’s a story of romance, famine, crime, and wilderness. It’s not a legend, it’s history. And yet, you won’t find it in history books. …

A foresight exercise on future scenarios may help understanding what’s coming after the COVID-19 crisis

Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash

Even when we talk about strategic decision making, we usually focus on specific business, technical, or political objectives. The attention span even for long-term strategies and decision making is in the range of some month or 3–5 years at most, and it doesn’t consider possible disruptive happenings.

However, due to…

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